1" Pom Pom Poly Ball Fringe - MADE IN USA - 9 Yards!

Sale price$ 18.00


  • Our popular Pom-Pom Fringe is the perfect choice for home projects and crafts. The trim has a simple but classic design that features 1“ (25.4mm) Pom-Pom's attached to a 1/2" braid with loop accents (PLEASE SEE PICTURES).

  • You can stitch this trim to your garments or glue it to your craft projects. Try adding the Pom-Pom trim to lampshades, window treatments, baby crib bedding, children’s apparel, costumes, accessories, home decor, fashion apparel, craft projects, home furnishings & more!

  • 9 Yards

***If you have any questions please message me***

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